Prose Poetry: Mona Lisa’s Shoulder

I imagine that Mona Lisa’s shoulder is typical, just about the same as any other woman’s shoulder in her day and age, though I have never really noticed—and neither have you. Admit it right now that you are not completely sure of the color of her clothes, even, let alone how the blouse fits, how … Continue reading

Nonfiction: A Day in My Ukrainian Life

To Do List – Thursday, 1 November, 2012 (Retroactive) Prepare for class by waking up at  8:00 am  9:00 am  9:35 am  10:00 am  okay, whenever you get up for real, and with less than an hour left, now you don’t actually have time to really plan, but you’re good on your toes, and something … Continue reading

Poetry: Spots and Tears

You have been through the best and worst of this Ukrainian year, from the most festive bursts of energy and inspiration to the loneliness and fear of isolation. This nation has roughened your edges even while softening your skin. Often you waited in dark places for fate or something closer to the ground to lay … Continue reading

Fiction: Time to Burn

Long after the festival was over—as evening sniffed once, spun around twice and finally settled in—Michael was still blowing fire in the parking lot, big billows a kilometer high, balls of flame that seemed as if they would burn up the sky. We watched for a while from the one building top nearby, Joshua and … Continue reading

Simile List Pieces: Sleep & Blue

Sleep Sleep is like space travel, the nightly unravel, that gravel you hear in my throat so loud only matches the sound of my meandering feet, treading along the infinite way, past stars and moons, far from the soon-gone sun, until in one moment, or the next, I wake to another world, taking stock of … Continue reading